How to self-service an aircon?

Frequent travelers and residents of Singapore understand that the weather can be harsh sometimes. Sun directly overhead, temperature soaring to 35 degrees Celsius, and humidity reaching near saturation levels make the surroundings very uncomfortable. It is the air conditioner that comes to the rescue of every Singaporean, every time.

Aircon run for extended hours and suffer massive wear and tear. Professional air conditioner servicing is a must, at least once a year. Depending on usage, service frequency may need to be increased. Homeowners can learn how to service an aircon. It is very easy and does not require a lot of complicated tools or expertise.

Here are the steps for normal air conditioner servicing in Singapore

Note: Please turn off the switches and remove the power cord before attempting any maintenance tasks.

  • Cleaning air filters: Air is loaded with dust, contaminants, harmful chemicals, and other minute particles. The aircon filters remove these particles and circulate purified air in your room. The filters themselves get clogged due to all these harmful components. The recommended air-filter cleaning interval is once every two weeks, or, at least, monthly. To clean the filters, the front casing of the aircon needs to be removed. The filters can be easily pulled out from the tabs holding them. Wash them with warm soapy water. In case you notice the filter has reached the end of life, it must be replaced.

          Note: The filter material is soft and sensitive. Do not use any hard brush or abrasive materials to clean the filters.

  • Evaporator coil cleaningThe evaporator coil is inside the indoor unit, and it gets chilled when the aircon is in operation. That’s how cooling takes place. The fins of the coil attract dust, debris, and other contaminants, which form clumps reducing airflow. Spray warm water and use a soft brush to wipe off the dirt. Usually, a clean evaporator coil is shiny. There are chemical sprays available for coil cleaning. In case the coils are too dirty or there is formation of mold, you would require these chemical sprays.

          Note: Evaporator fins are extremely delicate and can bend at the slightest touch. Do not use any hard object to pry deep inside the gaps –                    you’d damage the coil.

  • Condenser cleaning: The condenser is the outdoor unit, and its coils and fins are typically dirtier than the indoor unit. Use pressurized water and soap to flush out the dirt. You could use a soft brush to clean the fins. Chemical sprays (also called coil cleaners) can be used here too.
  • Drain cleaning: The aircon removes excess moisture, and the condensed water is discharged from the drain. Keep the drain clean to have the water flowing. Any obstruction could cause a buildup of pressure in the drain-pan, and your aircon could start leaking water inside.  You can find more info on Drain cleaning here. A vacuum hose attached to the discharge side can be used to suck the debris out of the system.
  • Condenser fan cleaning: The condenser removes heat by blowing air at the heated condenser coil. The condenser fan can get imbalanced if dirt and debris get stuck on it. This stuck debris can cause the fan to vibrate while running and cause a lot of wear and tear. The condenser fan can be cleaned with the help of a moist cloth or a soft brush.


Signs to look out for

If you are vigilant and watch out for signs of premature damage, you could save a lot in repairs. Knowing the symptoms of malfunction can help you identify when to call a professional technician.

Watch out for:

  • Water leaking inside the room – this could be caused due to ice build-up on the evaporator coil, or an obstruction in the waste water disposal system.
  • Aircon starting with a jerk – this is a sign of a compressor defect.
  • Condenser making groaning noise and vibrating – sign of a compressor defect.
  • Frequent cut off of the compressor – the condenser coils could be clogged
  • Improper cooling – a lot of things could cause this. You should watch out for a leak of refrigerant. It typically leaves white powdery marks at the point of the leak. In this case, you should contact a professional. Book your slot here.

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