How do I know The Power Consumption Needed By The Aircon?

No doubt, determining how much power capacity needed by air conditioners is not an easy task. As aircon servicing Singapore Company  reveals that it depends on several factors that include age of the unit, its model and size, and the characteristics of your home. Additionally, you ought to research how many watts an AC uses and then find out the usage of your home AC! But, remember that that number is just only going to be a rough estimation. According to aircon service /maintenance/ installation companies, central AC draws extra power each time it turns on, and you can’t tell how efficiently an air conditioning system is working! And, the most important thing is AC unit maintenance and regular aircon servicing; you can hire an expert from aircon servicing Singapore company at affordable rates!

Read on to get a rough idea about how much power an AC uses!

How Much Power An AC Uses:

According to the company of aircon service Singapore, these are just rough estimations:

  • Central A/C uses about 3500 Watts
  • Central Air Conditioner Fan Only – Compressor Off –  uses750 Watts
  • Largest Window Units uses 1440 Watts
  • Medium Window Unit uses 900 Watts
  • Smallest Window Unit uses 500 Watts

Optimistic studies show that the power consumption of an AC is figured out by two factors known as Runtime, or compressor speed. When it comes to the case of a non-inverter speed unit, the unit shuts off when the desired temperature is achieved, and its compressor speed remains the same at all times. If you want to estimate the power consumption of a non-inverter AC, then you ought to multiply its wattage by the unit’s runtime.

If you want to estimate the average power consumption of an inverter AC, then you ought to plug it into an energy use meter.

What Affects How Much Power an Air Conditioner Uses:

  • Cost To Run An AC: Keep in mind, your monthly power bill directly depends on the local rates, but the experts of the aircon servicing Singapore company say that there are a couple of ways to calculate your costs. According to the company of aircon servicing Singapore, the average homeowner spends about $1,000 annually on heating and cooling costs, or around 50% of their total energy bills. In a warm country like Singapore, cooling can account for as much as 70% of your summer electric bills. No doubt, this adds up to a big chunk of money, so it’s smart to think about ways to conserve energy
  • Choosing an Air Conditioner – Rather than getting an AC that is based on wattage, you ought to choose the unit, which is right for the size of the space you need to cool. The aircon installation company of Singapore recommended buying an inverter AC technology to keep your space comfortable. Keep in mind, over-sizing the unit is something that keeps it from operating at peak efficiency – this air conditioner system cools your home too fast and leaving excess humidity in the air.

Additionally, you can hire a professional from aircon servicing Singapore company to aircon repair/servicing/maintenance and installation. And, remember that once you get the right size of an AC unit for your space, you can see able to take a look at the energy efficiency and other features.

Conserving Power With an AC:

Optimistic studies reveal that an AC efficiency is shown by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER. Remember that the higher the number, the more efficiently a unit is designed to operate. Additionally, central AC can earn the Energy Star designation, a label that isn’t available for room size AC units. No doubt, there is a long warm season in Singapore, so you ought to purchase the highest efficiency level AC unit that you can readily afford. Once you have invested in the right air conditioner unit, then you have to keep the unit running its best, which means it needs regular aircon servicing. You have to make a call an expert for annual service checks, and there is a need to changing the filters regularly and keeping the outside unit clear of debris.

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