Services MCL Provide

General Aircon Servicing

MCL Aircon technicians will make sure there is protection on the floor in order not to dirty the floor. Then clean the fan coils cover and unplug the electrical wiring and electronic control. After that the coil is cleaned properly to make sure there is no dirt inside the coil. Then check the drain pipe and vacuum the pipe from the outlet and inlet to make sure there is nothing obstructing the passage of water from aircon to the outlet in bathroom or outside. The filters are taken outside or bathroom to clear all the accumulated dirt. Once done, fix back all the parts in order and test the system. Once we are happy with the cooling, home owner will be asked to check the cooling. It is recommended to do a general aircon servicing at least once every quarter.


Aircon Chemical Wash

MCL Aircon technicians will clean the fan coils cover and dismantle the unit’s fan coil, unplug the electrical wiring and electronic control. All parts will be carefully carried to bathroom or outside, in order not to leave the dust particles inside the house. Then all the parts are carefully cleaned using a liquid which is specially formulated to clean and sanitize unit free of dirt and bacteria. It is recommended to do chemical wash at least once a year.


Aircon Installation

Once you choose the aircon brand you want to install, we will supply the equipment and install the same in your home. If it is a new installation and piping is required, we will lay the pipes and conceal all the pipes from the rooms. Once done we will switch on the aircon and test the cooling. We charge the gas and handover the aircon to homeowner to test. We provide warranty for installation and service.


Aircon repair

MCL Technicians are experts in troubleshooting, find the root cause of the problem and recommending the right solution. We have experience in fixing gas leakage from the pipes, drain pipe blockage, gas top up etc. You can always rely on us to resolve your issues with aircon at an affordable cost.


Aircon overhaul

MCL technicians will dismantle all the different part of the aircon. Clean all the parts and replace if there are any damaged parts. This will result in performance improvement and energy savings.


Top 5 reasons why homeowners call us

  1. Aircon Not working
  2. Aircon water leaking
  3. Aircon not cold enough
  4. Unusual smell from Aircon
  5. Aircon blowing hot air