Aircon Energy Saving Tips

Singapore and Air Conditioners have an unbreakable bond. Those who have visited Singapore or stayed there for a few days would realize how difficult it is to manage without an aircon. Home, office, mall, or gym, these are present everywhere. Responsible for keeping individuals comfortable 24/7, they’re indeed wonderful. This comfort, however, comes at a cost – electricity.

Aircon Energy Consumption


ACs consume high power and contribute significantly to electricity bills. They’re, perhaps, most responsible for an increase in electricity consumption. Domestic aircons are usually rated between 1200W and 1600W. A 1000W aircon running (compressor ON) for an hour would consume one unit of electricity. Users must know how to optimize power consumption.

It not only saves electricity and money but also is healthy for the environment. Also find here how can it improve your family health as well.

Energy Saving Tips


  • Temperature
    • A crucial setting determining the power consumption, lower temperature requires the air conditioner’s compressor to remain on for more time, and this directly impacts the energy consumed.
    • Set the temperature just-right for comfortable surroundings. If 24 degrees Celsius is comfortable for you, setting it at 23 degrees might increase the total energy consumption by 5%.


  • Turn off your gadgets and lights
    • All electrical devices produce heat. Higher the heat in the room, harder the aircon works. If you’re not using the television, turn it off. The same goes for the laptops, lights, and other devices that aren’t being used at the time.
    • One ton of air conditioning is equivalent to a cooling power of approximately 3500W. You can imagine the extra load if there were devices in the room, consuming a total of 100W.
  • Servicing and maintenance
    • Servicing and maintenance are the biggest energy savers. The aircon works using two large coils. One at the condenser and other at the evaporator. These coils are thin and catch dirt easily. If the coils are clogged, heat exchange becomes slower, and the compressor works harder. Keep your aircon well-maintained and regularly serviced.
    • During servicing, the professionals can detect other possible faults with your air conditioner and fix them early. A properly functioning AC is certainly more efficient.
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  • Prevent Natural Heating
    • You now know how much difference electrical appliances can make. Think about the Sun. It is advisable to close the blinds to prevent heat from coming in. Shut the windows to prevent warm air from outside to seep inside the room. Light-colored blinds reflect heat and supplement your aircon in cooling the room.


  • Use Ceiling Fans
    • Ceiling fans job a good job of circulating air and preventing the occupants of a room from feeling uncomfortable. Once the set temperature is reached, a ceiling fan can keep the surroundings comfortable for about an hour before requiring air conditioning again. Using the fan has two benefits – firstly, you save power. Secondly, the air conditioner does not have to run continuously. This increases the longevity of the AC.


  • Keep the Aircon’s Air Filters Clean
    • The aircon pumps a large volume of air continuously into the room. There are filters attached to the indoor unit. They filter air before it is circulated in the room. Over time, these become clogged with dirt and restrict airflow.
    • Airflow restriction slows cooling. It may also lead to ice formation on the evaporator coil since the chilled coil does not have enough air flowing over it to exchange heat. The moisture in the air condenses and forms a big chunk of ice that may damage the delicate fins of the coil.


You now know what to keep in mind to prevent your aircon from consuming excess power. Servicing and maintenance help keep the unit in good shape — Book professional aircon servicing facility in Singapore with one of the leading providers – MCL Aircon. We are available 24 hrs everyday, please book now. Book General Aircon Servicing with us now or call /  Whatsapp us @ +65 9450 9801 for arranging aircon servicing for your home.