How often should a split type aircon be cleaned?

Yes – same like a car or other electronics that you are using in your daily life, your AC also needs regular servicing. It not only increases its efficiency but also saves aircon repair cost. Regardless of the AC model, type or age, there is a need to clean or aircon servicing regularly.

Let’s Take A Look!

As aircon Servicing Company in Singapore reveal several scenarios where you have aircon servicing more often:

  • If you find that your AC unit is not working properly, then is a need to clean your AC system and save your aircon repair cost
  • If your home AC unit run 24/7/365, then you should clean it regularly
  • If there is an evaporative system, then there is a need to aircon servicing twice a year. First, before the start of the season of summer, and second, right after the summer for decommissioning before the season of winter

Aircon Servicing Will Save You Money:

Many individuals neglect an AC servicing process just because to save money, but in actual, these people cost themselves more in the long run! According to a Company of aircon installation Singapore, regular cleaning/servicing of an AC system will extend the life of the unit and even also save the aircon repair costs.

Signs When You Ought To Hire An Expert:

If you want to keep your air conditioning system works efficiently, then you ought to beware for any signs that make your AC unit performing abnormally.

These are the most prominent signs when you ought to schedule service from a company of aircon servicing Singapore:

Reduced Airflow:

Whenever you find a reduction in airflow that is coming from a unit of your AC, then you ought to call an expert for aircon serving as it is often a sign of a severe problem. According to aircon installation Singapore, it might be due to the filter or blockage somewhere (so, you can check it yourself), but if it’s neither of those, then there may be a need to replace the compressor of your AC.

Increase in Energy Bills:

No doubt, when an AC has a problem, it is not working properly and becomes more inefficient, and as outcomes higher energy bills. Even if your AC cooling properly, increased energy bills indicate that your AC work harder than before to achieve the same outcomes. First, you ought to check the filter and the vents, and then schedule an appointment with an expert of aircon servicing Singapore company.

Leaks or Excess Moisture:

No need to worry, if you see a little amount of water on the unit outside of your room, it’s all about condensation. But, when you see bulk amounts of moisture, especially insider your room, then that’s a sign of a problem. Typically, its means your refrigerant leaked – avoid touching this liquid, and immediately stop using the unit, and schedule your service!

Strange Noises or Smells:

No doubt that the AC system should be completely odourless and nearly silent. If you notice a change in the level of noise, then it means your AC unit might be prone to a mechanical problem, call an engineer to prevent this problem from getting worse. Similarly, if you feel some bad smell, then it means there is mould inside your ducting, although it may be due to filter, so ought to check them first!

The Final Words:

Experts reveal that aircon servicing is something that will extend the life of your AC unit, but the way you treat it in between service will also do matter!

It is immensely important to check, clean and replace your AC filter regularly. You must schedule service once every six months to keep your AC system at the top! There is a need to replace your filters by following the manufacturer’s guide!

If you need an expert team to service your AC at affordable rates, then contact the company of aircon servicing Singapore.