How Do You Clean An Aircon?

No doubt, Ac is the most important appliances that you frequently use in the summer season. When AC used a lot, it coked with dirt, debris, and dust that affect its performance and even reduce its efficiency. As the aircon Installation Company in Singapore highly recommended the aircon servicing regularly to increase its efficiency.

Keep in mind, aircon servicing/cleaning is important as it will prevent expensive aircon repair, and even increase the efficiency and reliability of your AC unit. You can hire aircon servicing SingaporeCompany for AC cleaning, or you can use the following tips to increase the performance of your AC unit.

So, How to Clean an Air Conditioner?

Quit worrying! Give a read to this post to unfold this common question! You ought to take out some time out of your busy schedule. Aircon servicing/cleaning is very easy if you have a complete idea about the cleaning process. Additionally, you can get the ease of cleaning your AC with the company of aircon installation Singapore. The process of AC cleaning is extremely easy if you know the right way to do so; you just have to follow these tips to improve the performance of your AC :

How to Clean AC Unit for Indoor?

Maybe you think that from where to start AC servicing/cleaning. AT first, you ought to clean your indoor AC unit. You can find two air filters placed on to the top of the AC unit head; both filters are used to filter out the dust particles from the air. According to the aircon installation Singapore Company, these filters are not permanently fixed with the body of the unit that you can easily remove them. AC servicing/cleaning becomes easier due to these filters. As the aircon servicing Singapore Company recommended that you ought to clean these filters twice a month, with this, your AC will work efficiently, and even you save your aircon repair cost.

How to Clean AC Unit for Outdoor Use?

Yes, your outdoor AC unit becomes dirty as it exposed to the outdoor atmosphere. No doubt, there are bulk of dirt, debris, and dust outside, so this unit easily gets dirty. Moreover, sometimes you can find bird nests in outdoor units of AC. But don’t worry; there is a need for compressed air to clean the outdoor unit. Experts reveal that the outdoor AC unit does not need extra maintenance as an indoor unit does, so you just have to call a person from the aircon servicing Singapore Company every season for the maintenance of the outdoor AC unit.

Keep in mind; aircon servicing can be quite difficult if you don’t do it regularly. So, you have to clean your AC regularly, and you should clean the indoor unit of AC once a month by yourself.

How to Clean Air Conditioner Water Pipe?

The water pipe in the AC used as the purpose of draining the water droplets out of the indoor unit of AC. Usually, this pipe is put outside the premises alongside the outdoor AC unit. AC runs excessively in summer seasons, so there might be a possibility that this pipe gets block, sometime it would get algae and fungus in it due to which the drainage blocked.

Quit worrying! Cleaning of the water pipe is very easy; you just have to blow into the pipe with your mouth. You ought to blow it twice and right after such it afterward the same as you suck juice by a straw. This way generates pressure in the pipe, and the blocked water drain out instantly along with the fungus!

Remember that if this water pipe remains blocked, then the water starts to drip from the inside of your indoor AC unit and can wet the carpet of your room. So, servicing/cleaning this pipe is also a part of how to clean AC.

Finally – You Got It:

Yes – you just have to follow the steps given above to unfold the question of how do you clean an aircon. Thankfully, we made AC cleaning easy for you! Do this regularly as it is the only way to save your aircon repair cost.

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