Aircon Services in Singapore and all you need to know about Singapore weather

No matter the time of the year, you can count on the weather in Singapore to be hot, humid and rainy. Consistency is the name of the game for this region of Southeast Asia, with very little fluctuations in temperature throughout the year. The tropical rainforest climate has almost no seasonal variations, with consistent highs and lows from month to month, thanks to its location nearly directly on the equator.


The year is divided into two monsoon seasons, with two intermediate pre-monsoon periods of reduced rainfall, a welcome relief for visitors and residents. The southwest monsoon season runs from June to September and the northeast monsoon season goes from December through to March.


These monsoon seasons are more than just a minor inconvenience; they are major weather events. Rain falls in thick sheets from a black sky, obliterating visibility and flooding walkways.

While the residents have learned to function effectively during these rainy times, it can be eye-opening and overwhelming for first-time visitors. On the flip side, the large rainfall amounts help cultivate the lush rainforests found throughout the area that are popular with visitors wanting to experience their beauty.


The city-state of Singapore is affected by pollution blowing across the Java Sea from nearby Indonesia. Because of the regular rainfall and smog, sunshine isn't abundant; but don't let that dissuade you from visiting this unique and exotic city-state with lots to offer guests. The municipality is technically an island, surrounded on one side by the Java Sea and separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor on the other side.


Most of the island is low-laying and susceptible to flooding during the monsoon seasons. The highest hill, Bukit Timah, is 164 meters high and sits in the hilly northwest corner of the city-state. The eastern areas tend to be flatter and enjoy drier periods than the western regions thanks to the protection from the western hills. Singapore City is located on the island's south coast and is afforded protection from the hills as well.


Despite the abundance of rain, Singapore is an amazing area full of culture, history and natural beauty. It's well-known for its shopping and eating, both of which you can do just fine even if it is raining! Sentosa, a manmade island just off the southern coast of Singapore, is a tropical paradise for people of all ages and a highlight for many visitors. No need to worry all tourist places and public transport are well air conditioned to make your visit a pleasent one.

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