Why Regular Aircon Servicing is Important for Residences in Singapore?

Residents of Singapore and others who have stayed in the country know the importance of an air conditioner. Situated on the equator, the country has tropical climate, which means hot weather and constant humidity. Rainfall brings relief from the heat, but moisture negates the effect. This is why an air conditioner is essential in Singapore. It provides comfort from the hot and humid climate.

Aircons are frequently used for more than 15-18 hours a day. While the unit provides circulates clean air in the surroundings, it has to bear the harsh environment. Like any other machine, the air conditioner also requires consistent service.

Here’s a list of reasons why Singaporeans should have their aircon well maintained and properly serviced:

Performance: An aircon running on peak performance can cool a house quickly. Servicing is necessary to maintain the performance of the AC. The air conditioner loses approximately 5% of its efficiency if it is not serviced for a year.

Cleanliness: The air blown by the unit passes through air filters that clean the air. If the filters are clogged, it not only reduces airflow but also allows dust to escape into the surroundings. People with an allergy to pollen, dirt, and other airborne particles would require a well-serviced air conditioner.

 Dusty and dirty filters also cause bacterial and mold growth, which is harmful to health.

Effectiveness: The aircon system has two units – evaporator and condenser. These units have coils that exchange heat. Without cleaning and servicing, these coils are clogged due to dusty and humid conditions. It reduces the effectiveness of the air conditioner. An aircon with dirty coils would take longer to cool down the room.

 Efficiency: Clogged coils cannot exchange heat efficiently with the surroundings. The compressor works for a longer duration to achieve the set temperature. This results in lower efficiency and higher electricity consumption.

 Wear and Tear: You’ve already read that the components of an un-serviced air conditioner use more energy, work for more extended periods. This causes excess wear and tear. Your aircon could get faulty or fail altogether.

Singapore’s proximity to the sea means that there is a higher concentration of salt in the water. Salt can corrode the delicate fins of the coils. It can also damage internal circuits. If your aircon is not serviced at regular intervals, salt accumulation could cause damage and malfunction.

If the fins or pipes are corroded, they may develop a leak, and the refrigerant pressure inside the aircon would drop. This, too, leads to aircon malfunction.

Expensive repairs: Aircons are sophisticated units, and replacement parts are expensive. Aircons are designed for a life of around a decade. If you keep your unit well serviced, you can avoid costly repairs and have your aircon working effectively.

There are certain parts that might not be repairable. In that case, you would have to go for a replacement. A compressor replacement can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. This cost could be avoided if the aircon was serviced regularly.



Besides the wear and tear, efficiency, and lost money, there’s another factor the needs to be accounted for – inconvenience. Having a dysfunctional air conditioner can make the surroundings uncomfortable, and you make not be able to work or sleep.

If the air conditioner requires a repair, the entire unit would need to be dismantled and transported to a workshop. This means you need to live without an aircon for multiple days. Installation again requires personnel to come to your place and install the unit and charge the gas.

These are frustrating jobs, and there is a straightforward way to avoid all of these – regular servicing. You must have your aircon servicing professionally by providers like MCL Air Conditioners. Skilled and trained technicians like those at MCL have a keen eye and can detect problems before their cause failures. MCL is reliable aircon servicing company in Singapore providing 24 7 booking service.



 Air conditioning is a way of life in Singapore. If you keep your aircon serviced, you keep your lifestyle maintained because any failure or malfunction of the aircon would affect your lifestyle directly.