Which Aircon to buy between Daikin and Mitsubishi in Singapore?

Buying a brand new Aircon appliance is not as simple task as people think. It includes lots of research, identifying requirement needs, taking opinions, reviews, and so on. Things become difficult especially for first-time buyers who do not want to get lured in the Aircon store by purchasing something that will not long-lasting. Many good as well as cheap brands, are available in the market, out of them Daikin and Mitsubishi are two highly popular air conditioning brands. But how to decide which one is better for you? MCL, Singapore aircon service

1. Features that every Aircon brand must have

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The first thing every person knows is cooling. But there is much more than cooling that you need to consider. An average person may not be aware of some technical basic things that an aircon should have. Those technical things are listed below:

  1. Tonnage: Tonnage is the cooling capacity of Aircon. Aircons with many kinds of tonnage capacities are available in the market but you need to decide which one fits best for you, after all, you do not want to waste money on things that you don’t even need.

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  1. Condenser: Condenser is the main component of what the future cost of your aircon depends. Mainly two types of condensers being used by every aircon manufacturer. One is aluminum condensers and the second one is the copper condenser. Going with a brand that provides copper condenser and coil in aircon will be the best future cost-saving idea for you.
  2. Rating: Most of the people know about this. But don’t know the meaning of tick rating displaying on the aircon. The tick rating on aircon is mainly depended on Energy efficiency. So, if you purchasing an Aircon with 4 tick rating that means that it is more energy efficient than 3 tick rating aircon. Always prefer buying aircon that has at least 3 or more than 3 ratings.
  3. Energy efficiency: What if you get an aircon in cheap but your monthly electricity bill is always on fire. It happens with people who end up purchasing low quality and low energy efficiency Aircons. Aircon needs more electricity to run. The monthly bill goes up after aircon installation but air conditioners who are not well designed to save electricity make the situation worse.
  4. Maintenance and cost: Your Aircon needs proper maintained and care. You just can’t ignore that. If done you will see a sudden hike in your bills as well as more damage to Aircon. Aircons are highly mechanical appliance so it needs more care. Ask from your dealer about the Aircon maintenance requirement information e.g. when the maintenance needed? How to check about maintenance requirement etc.

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2. Benefits and features you Get with Daikin Aircons

Daikin is a Japanese air conditioning company, providing reliable and safe air-conditioning solutions to beat extreme heat in your room. In fact, Daikin was the first company in Japan to offer air conditioning systems. With a primary focus on the air-conditioning, Daikin operates in more than 150 countries. Its network is very wide.









  1. 3D Coanda Airflow: The most essential feature that comes with Daikin Ac is 3D Coanda Airflow. That means you can get cool air not only horizontal (Up + down) but also vertical (left + right) form. This increases the Daikin aircon efficiency to gives cooling in all four directions.
  2. Cooling and Heating: Daikin Dual-Comfort series Aircon comes with this technology. Before that, Aircon seems to be used only for cooling but Daikin dared to get some innovation. Dual comfort series AC can down the temperature to make the room cool as well as heat the room in winter up to a comfortable level.
  3. Power Chill Mode: Power chill mode of Daikin Aircons are made to give instant cooling. Where other Aircons companies take almost 30 minutes to completely cool a room. Daikin does that in just 15 minutes. In power chill mode Daikin starts cooling the room at double speed. The power chill mode was developed exactly for this.
  4. Streamer Discharge Technology: Daikin ACs comes with a Streamer Discharge technology with 4-layer filters to filter out most of the dust, allergens, pollutants, and odor-causing bacteria. This contributes to better hygiene in the room. Filtering out the air increases air quality.
  5. Copper Condenser: Daikin uses copper condenser in all of its aircon. This makes Daikin more reliable and suitable for long term AC requirements. Copper condenser works better than other condensers. Copper condensers help in saving electricity and reducing the bill.
  6. Stabilizer-free Operation: As you, all know electricity fluctuation can damage your aircon if it’s not capable of handling the fluctuation. Either you purchase a stabilizer with Ac and pay more money or you can simply use Daikin Aircon. They come with inbuilt stabilizers. This makes you tension free about power fluctuation.
  7. Heat pump technology: A heat pump is an energy-saving technology that conveys already present heat without the need for generating heat. Heat pump controls temperature by transferring heat. In “Daikin heat pump technology” heating is performed by the transfer of heat from outdoors to inside the room, thus only a little electricity is necessary. This provides energy savings.
  8. R-32 Next-generation: R-32 is a next-generation Daikin aircon technology that efficiently carries heat and has a lower environmental impact. R-32 efficiently conveys heat and can reduce electricity consumption by up to approximately 10% compared to that of air conditioners using technology R-22.


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3. Problems and Disadvantages with Daikin Aircon

  1. The power operating temperature of 46oC: Some models from Daikin aircon have limitation in the operating temperature up to 46oC which make them ineffective in peak summers in some cities with high temperatures.
  2. Non-availability of windows AC: Daikin does not make Window AC. This makes those customers sad who wants to install the window AC of Daikin Brand. Daikin only makes an inverter split aircon.
  3. Better in initial days: No matter what brand it is, electric appliances always do the best in starting. Daikin also does the same. It works very well in starting. But in later days it can give some problems (reported by many customers) if failing with proper maintenance and care criteria.
  4. Increasing sound: Many buyers of Daikin aircon raised the problem of Increasing sound in the coming years after the purchase of Aircon.
  5. Cooling problem: Every electric appliance can malfunction at any time. User reviews about sudden problems with Daikin Aircon are also available. The main problem is the sudden stop in cooling. Many customers also reported that the workers are not as skilled as they should be to solve the issue. This provides discomfort to the buyer.


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4. Features and Advantages of Mitsubishi Air conditioners

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. While selecting an aircon system, it is advisable to carefully assess its features, efficiency, durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance among other things. Let’s asses some of the features provided by Mitsubishi Aircons.

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  1. Even temperature distribution: Gone those days when you have to sit in front of Aircon to receive the cool air. Mitsubishi does this job very perfectly to give cooling in all four corners. Mitsubishi air conditioning system provides the wide and Long Throw of air – up to 12 Metres. In aggregate, it provides even temperature distribution in the room very efficiently.
  2. Excellent energy efficiencyMitsubishi is a leading and credible Aircon brand of Japan. So it gives more importance to energy saving. Most of the Mitsubishi Aircons comes with 4 or 5 tick stars that make them more worthy to buy. These ticks define the energy efficiency of Mitsubishi air conditions. Using less energy while working, reduces your monthly monetary expenditure due to aircon.
  3. Easy to use and maintain: Mitsubishi is known for its aircon quality and service. You need not think more about your aircon after installing it. Very little maintenance and care is need with this brand in initial days.
  4. Cost-effective and Economical: Mitsubishi gives premium quality Aircon at very economical prices. The price of Daikin and Mitsubishi does not vary too much. The cost-effective price of Mitsubishi air conditions is a plus point for this brand. You get a premium quality Aircon and service at a very economical price.
  5. R32 Technology: Like Daikin, Mitsubishi also runs with R32 technology. Providing eco-friendly cooling by polluting the environment less than others.
  6. Hi CFM – fastest Cooling: Airflow quantifies the amount of air a ceiling fan delivers and is measured in CFM. Mitsubishi gives fast cooling at a very high pace. It just takes 10-15 minutes to cool the entire area.
  7. Quietest – 19db Noise: Mitsubishi has the record of producing aircon with the lowest Noise rate of 19 DB. The highest Db rate of any Ac must not be above 60. Thus Mitsubishi fulfills the promise of better work and sleeps without any noise.
  8. Air Purification System: Mitsubishi comes with an air purification system pre-installed in it. This system removes the dust particle from the air and gives Flawless and dustless cooling. Many harmful particles that can affect your health are filtered out with this purification system. Mitsubishi also provides Anti Allergy Enzyme Filter in some of its models.


5 . Discomforts you may face with Mitsubishi Air conditioners

  1. Electronic faults: Every brand and electronic item have some limitations. The same goes for Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi aircon can also cause some unexpected problems while working. As you can’t solve this highly technical appliance problem by yourself, so most of the time you need to call the customer center to solve these faults.
  2. Decreasing cooling efficiency: Many buyers have faced the problem of decreasing cooling efficiency and quality in the later years. This can be technical as it is widely depended on AC servicing and maintenance. So if you properly take care of your aircon you don’t need to fear about this.
  3. Poor customer service: Another problem with Mitsubishi Electric is that its service center network is not that great. No matter how big a brand is, there always some cases where the buyer does not get proper assistance. Mitsubishi customer service is no doubt very good and responsive but sometimes it doesn’t provide the best after-sale service. Many customers have complained that the servicemen are not well trained to solve the aircon issues.
  4. Window Ac: Mitsubishi does not make windows Ac so those customers who want windows AC of Mitsubishi brand would be disappointed with this.
  5. Costly replacement: The Mitsubishi aircon has not a wide range of network manufacturing hub. in most countries where manufacturing is not done, you have to import Mitsubishi parts from headquarter. This increases the replacement cost of the Mitsubishi aircon.

6. Choosing between Daikin and Mitsubishi

No double, both Daikin and Mitsubishi are brands that provide the best quality aircon and service to its customers. But nothing is impeccable. As a buyer’s your choice between Daikin and Mitsubishi would be depended on your requirements and trust on the brand. The main elements that can be considered while choosing between Daikin and Mitsubishi would be:

  1. BRANDING: Brand who you trust more would be your first preference to buy. It can be Daikin or Mitsubishi. Buying an aircon brand that your trust gives you the assurance of the best quality and service. Also it gives you a feeling of good assistance if something bad happen with your aircon in future.
  2. COST-EFFECTIVENESS: Cost is a big factor while choosing aircon. if Mitsubishi Aircon is of low cost and fulfilling your requirements you should go ahead to buy it. The same goes for Daikin. The fulfillment of actual buyers’ requirements at a very economical and cost-effective price can be a strong point to decide which one to buy.
  3. AFTER-SAL   E SERVICE: Every company tries to deliver their best in After-sale service. But many times due to unskilled workers, semi-skilled workers, training period workers, and other unforeseen reasons companies could not be able to provide 100% satisfaction to the buyer. This can happen with both Daikin and Mitsubishi. So go ahead with the brand who you thing will provide good after-sale service. Aircon service is one of the key differentiators in buying an aircon.

7. Conclusion

Daikin and Mitsubishi both are highly reputed and trusted brands. Both provides different features in their different aircon models. But the basic things are almost the same in both aircon brands. The only thing that differs is the performance that also depends on maintenance and usage by the owner. If you use well and carefully nothing bad will happen. Just identify your need and choose wisely which you want to buy to fulfill yours and your family’s needs.