The Importance of Clean Aircon Filters

Air Conditioners provide cool and moisture-free air even when it is searing hot outside. The aircons not only control temperature and humidity but also remove harmful particles and contaminants from the air. Before the air is circulated, a set of filters clean the air, which means you get to breathe cleaner air, thanks to the aircon.

These filters, therefore, keep you healthy. It is necessary to clean them regularly and replace them as per the recommended schedule to keep the air conditioner healthy. Clogged air filters cause a lot of problems and significantly increase wear-and-tear to the unit. In Singapore, the aircon is used for long hours, and the problem becomes more pronounced. Before you call professional services for annual maintenance, you must know that cleaning them is a job that requires less than 30 minutes.


How are filters connected to the core AC parts?        

Let us understand how a clogged filter would damage an aircon. Before that, you would need to understand the basic functioning of an aircon which is summed up in a few points

  1. The compressor in the condenser compresses the refrigerant and removes heat
  2. The compressed gas circulates through the tubes and reaches the evaporator (indoor) unit
  3. It is allowed to expand in the evaporator whose coils get chilled
  4. Air from the room is made to flow over the chilled evaporator coil
  5. Air, now colder, pass the filters, gets cleaned and causes a cooling effect


What happens when the filters aren’t kept clean?

The major effects you’d feel when the filters aren’t clean are – delayed cooling and lesser airflow. This delayed cooling is because of the reduced rate of airflow through the condenser coil.

The coil, which gets chilled, is unable to exchange heat with the ambient air, and its temperature drops below freezing point, causing ice to form.

This is the point where your AC starts getting affected.

  • Ice formation starts bending the fins of the coil
  • A thick build-up of ice could bend or puncture the pipes containing the pressurized refrigerant
  • Any damage to the evaporator is difficult to fix
  • Leak of refrigerant would lead to lesser cooling and more load on the compressor


Effects of water leakage

  • Chances of corrosion of the aircon unit and a possibility of electrical damage
  • Spoilage of the wall where the aircon unit is mounted
  • Growth of mold and bacteria leading to foul smell
  • Electric shock hazard due to current leakage


Increased Wear and Tear

Clogged filters restrict proper airflow on the evaporator coil. You already now know that ice would work in this case. However, the room temperature does not drop. This causes the compressor to keep working. If the filters are extremely clogged, the compressor may work for hours continuously and do nothing but damage. You’d waste a lot of energy to have ice where you don’t want it to be.

The circuits inside the air conditioner are also overloaded in this case. Continuous supply of current to the compressor strains the components on the PCB and reduces their life.


Compressor damage

The compressor is the component that consumes maximum power. It has moving components that compress the refrigerant. Compression releases heat. Sunlight, electrical heating, and heat from compression make the compressor extremely hot. This loads up the bearings, which would suffer premature failure if this continues for a long time. There is oil inside the compressor to keep the moving parts lubricated. This oil begins to burn and lose its efficiency at higher temperatures.

You now know the importance of cleaning air filters. They can damage every component of the air conditioner. Clean the filters once every two weeks and follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for replacement. Aircon servicing in Singapore is equally important because, like air filters, other components need maintenance. Book your service at MCL Air Conditioning. We provide AC service, repair, and installation through our team of highly-trained professionals. Book General Aircon Servicing with us now or call /  Whatsapp us @ +65 9450 9801 for arranging aircon servicing for your home.