Address1 UBI CRESCENT #01-03 Number One Building Singapore 408563
Phone(65) 94509801
BizSafe LevelLevel 3
BCA CertifiedME01 – Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works – level 1
Opening HoursMonday-Sunday 08:00 – 21:00


With a long history of aircon serving experience, RM AcElect is a Biz Safe level 3 certified and registered with BCA under Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works for L1 category. RM AcElect have licensed technicians and known for their work quality. They are our number one given the top-rated quality and price affordability.



  • Over 5 years in aircon servicing industry: Many man years of experience in aircon servicing industry. Aircon servicing is very competitive and they are on top of the pile with great service, great quality and always strive to exceed customer expectations.


  • Expertise in aircon servicing field: From simple aircon issues to complex problems, RM ACELECT aircon servicing team has the skills and expertise to resolve all the issues. They will ensure your problem is solved.


  • 30-day workmanship warranty: If RM ACELECT aircon service is engaged to provide aircon service, installation or repair, they provide free 30 days warranty to make sure you receive top quality service, instead of a quick fix. They will come back to your house within 30 days and resolve the problem for free.


  • 24/7 Aircon servicing:  You can reach to a friendly customer service executive at any time by calling them or just sending a message on Whatsapp. If the slots are available RM ACELECT will accommodate you on the same day.



  • Aircon Servicing: This includes checking of pressure and coolness of the aircon, cleaning of aircon panel and covers from outside, air filters, evaporator coils, wash and clean blower, clean and wash condenser coil, check and clean blower wheel, clean drip pipe, and flush drain pipe by vacuuming of the drainage pipe. One fan coil costs $40, 2 fan coils costs $50/FCU, 3 fan coils cost $75/FCU and extra $15 for every subsequent fan coil.
  • Annual Subscription Servicing: Scope of work includes general aircon servicing given above. Cost varies from $16 to $25 depending on the number of aircons. The frequency of the servicing can be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or half yearly.
  • Chemical Wash: Servicing includes general aircon servicing and chemical cleansing of the air conditioners all parts which includes evaporator coils, air filters, blower wheels and blades. It includes checking of condenser fan motor, refrigerant gas pressure and checking all electrical connections. One fan coil costs $70, 2 fan coils costs $140, 3 fan coils costs $200, 4 fan coils costs $250, 5 fan coils costs $300, and 6 fan coils costs $340.
  • Aircon Installation or Repair: The prices will range from 2500 to 5000 depending on the number of aircons. You can reach out them on phone to get accurate pricing.
  • Aircon Gas Top-up: R22 – $70-$100, R140 $70-$140.

Book General Aircon Servicing with RM ACELECT now or call /  Whatsapp us @ +65 9450 9801 for arranging aircon servicing for your home.


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