Pregnancy is a crucial time in women life, and they receive ample of instructions to ensure the healthiest possible baby. Consuming a healthy diet, taking parental vitamins and even head to your health care provider regularly are essential for a healthy pregnancy. No doubt, it is enough to avoid alcohol and seafood or more while pregnant, but what about the air you breathe – it is equally important. And, one question that most expectant parents ask is that “what should I avoid when I’m expecting.”

Several studies depict that air pollution impacts pregnancy, and the potential adverse effects of air pollution on both pregnant women and their babies.

What About Breathing:

Experts have found number studies about air pollution effects on pregnancy that ranging from low birth weight and premature births to elevated blood pressure later in the child’s life.

Recent optimistic studies reported the correlations between particulate matter in the air & high blood pressure in babies and mothers, gestational diabetes (which is an increase in blood sugar, which affects pregnant women), and even children prone to high blood pressure who exposed to pollution in the womb.

Fast Facts:

The American Lung Association depict that common outdoor air pollutants include particulate matter, ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Remember that air pollutants can come from building emissions, vehicle exhaust, burning fuels and different other sources. However, most individuals spend 90% of their time indoors.

Keep in mind, heating and cooling components you people use can affect your air quality. It’s all depending on the temperature where you live. Also, your home might need a furnace-air conditioner combination to heat and cool your home. However, you need to maintain your cooling and heating appliances. You can always hire an expert from the HAVC company for aircon chemical wash. A heat pump can be ideal for more moderate climates as it don’t use combustion, even there is no risk of carbon monoxide filling the air of your home!

Well, you ought to make air conditioning service regularly as it keep your home cool, and get heat pump of fine quality to heat! All you need to remember that clean air is best for everyone and especially for pregnant mothers and newborns.

Effects of air pollution exposure during pregnancy:

No doubt, poor air quality is associated with different health effects that are from cardiac and respiratory problems to cognitive decline. Even, it can lead to death. According to research, air pollution is particularly detrimental to children during pregnancy. in fact, studies reported that there are negative effects in both mother and fetus from air pollution levels below current U.S (EPA or Environmental Protection Agency) standards. Optimistic studies reported that in a single year, air pollution was the cause of 16,000 premature births in the U.S alone.

The most prominent culprit is particle pollution; it is a combination of toxic solid and liquid particles, which floating around in the air we breathe. In fact, they not only irritate the lungs, eyes, and throat, but also make breathing difficult. There is no need to mention their link to lung cancer. Often, larger particles can be coughed or sneezed out of the body. When it comes to smaller particles, they get trapped in the lungs or even find their way into the bloodstream. The sources include cigarette smoke, waste incineration and vehicle exhaust.


  • According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), outdoor air pollutants can affect human health, and not only harm the environment and cause property damage
  • Remember that outdoor air enters and exists a home via three methods that includes natural ventilation, infiltration, and mechanical ventilation
  • The simplest ways to improve ventilation are run window or attic fans, open windows and doors, and even operate a window air conditioner with the vent control open. Also, air conditioning service does matter, you ought to call a PRO for proper aircon chemical wash

Best Tips to protect your baby from air pollution:

  • You have to check local radio, television, and newspaper for daily air pollution forecast. Also, you ought to stay indoors when levels are high
  • There is a need to limit time in the car and steer clear of high-traffic when possible to limit exposure to vehicle exhaust
  • You ought to trade gasoline-powered machines for hand-powered or electric when stick on lawn work
  • Don’t smoke in your home, if you are a smoker, then now it’s time to quit
  • Use the exhaust fan in your kitchen to whisk away air pollution from cooking and make sure your kitchen is well-ventilated. In fact, use the exhaust fans that vent to the outside and keep the indoor air cleaner than recirculation exhaust fans. Apart from cigarette smoke, cooking is one of the major culprits of pollution in homes
  • Get rid of home of fragrant and perfumed products including perfume, air fresheners, cologne, and cleaners as they nay packed with toxic chemicals that get into the air
  • You ought to use natural cleaners such as peroxide, vinegar, and baking soda. You should choose non-toxic brands
  • Ensure that central heating, gas stoves, and air-conditioning systems are well-maintained and properly installed. However, you can call an expert from aircon servicing Singapore for maintenance of your AC
  • Have you check out your home for radon, a radioactive gas. For the ease, you can purchase or hire a professional inspector
  • You have to invest in a home or room air purifier that includes IQAir HealthPro 250 or Perfect 16, they may assist to filter harmful pollutants out of the air

Optimistic studies reveal that better air quality can have long-lasting benefits for your baby. Remember that knowing the risks of air pollution and taking steps to avoid dirty air can assisting your little one breathe easier.

No doubt, many things can influence the health of you and your baby, air pollution is something that you have to learn to avoid! Good luck!

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