How to Choose between a Window and Split Air Conditioner?


After years of their initial appearance, people are arguing whether it is better to purchase a window or a split air conditioner. Most of the houses across the world are indeed equipped with the well-known split air conditioners that include both an internal and an external unit to cool or heat the air according to the season.

The split air conditioners seem easy to install and are a lot cheaper as an initial investment. Not to forget, they consume a lot less energy than the window air conditioners. However, there are still big supporters and fans of the window air conditioners because of their immediate touch to the room and the minimal installation equipment.

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Which are the special features of the two types?

The window air conditioners are smaller and can be mounted to virtually any window. Without any expensive preparations, normal windows could easily have the air conditioners mounted on in less than a day.

They require little or no maintenance, and their function is affordable for most of the households on a global basis. The window air conditions are coming in a single unit facing the interior as well as the exterior panel of your house. They are reliable machines, which can change the micro-climate in your room in a matter of minutes. Window air conditions often make the flies and mosquitoes disappear from your place and can also reduce the levels of humidity in your room. This is the reason why most of the homeowners are opting for this type of air conditioning since the dissolution of the humidity problem takes away the heating.

On the other hand, we have the split unit air conditioners that are usually mounted on the wall. They comprise an internal as well as an external unit which is supposed to be mounted on the external walls of the building. Their cooling power is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) and is generally more powerful than the window air conditioners. This type of air condition requires the existence of an external condenser and a compressor which are both situated inside the external unit.

These are extremely noisy machines that can disturb you when operating for more extended periods, especially during the summer months. The split air cons are the machines of choice for larger rooms and houses and have the drawback that they cannot overpass the internal walls. In other words, every single room needs its unit to be adequately climatized.

What are the basic points where the two types differ?

First, we check the design. Lately, we have seen that manufacturers are presenting new and improved designs for the split air conditioners while the window ones are made only in one style. Moreover, the split units come into many colors while the window air conditioners usually come in white color only.

In terms of aircon installation, the window air conditioners are more natural to adjust to the existing windows without calling for an expert. They can be carried with you in case you move out of the house.

As far as the split units are concerned, there is always the need for a cooling expert to mount them on the wall and adjust the several tubes between the internal and external units. These types of air conditioners are usually less movable and may stay at the place they were initially installed. In the field of price, the window air conditioners are generally cheaper than the split unit ones and need less maintenance and in rare service intervals.


You should carefully check which type of air conditioner works better for your own case. Should you need to climatize a big house then you certainly need the split unit mode. In case you have a smaller room to heat up or chill then the window air conditioner is the best solution for you.

Keep in mind that the more money you invest, the better it is going to be for the longevity of the appliance you are going to purchase.

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