How replacing Normal bulbs with LED bulbs will increase your energy bills saving?

Tired of getting dim, fluctuated lighting in your bedroom, drawing room, office sitting and still getting an immense amount of bill each month? If you feel answering yes, you need to change your light bulb choice right now. The world has already started using LED lights instead of regular incandescent and CFL lights. There are numerous reasons to do so. The use of incandescent lights is slowly ending and the rise of LED bulbs is on the peak. Let’s first understand what is LED.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and technically LED lights are not typical bulbs. They’re tiny semiconductors (diodes) wrapped in plastic to protect the elements and focus more on the light. Below is an amazing guide prepared by Singapore Lighting company is an attempt to make you aware of choosing the right kind of Light bulb for you and your family.

1. Why to change your Incandescent bulb?

The first question that may arise in your mind is why there is a need to change the regular Incandescent, fluorescent and CFL light bulbs? Well’ There are a lot of reasons to do so. The first and foremost reason is lighting quality. The lighting quality of the LED bulbs is far better than incandescent regular light bulbs. Regular light bulbs, filled with filament continue to give good quality of light only for a short period of time. As time passes, the lighting quality slowly decreases. But LED bulbs stay as they were in the beginning. There would be at least no change in the light quality of CED bulbs up to a minimum of 4-5 years.

#Types of Bulbs

  1. Normal Incandescent bulbs:  Normal Incandescent uses a filament to produce the light. Standard Incandescent is the cheapest and low-efficiency bulbs as compared to others.
  2. Halogen light bulb: The halogen light bulb or lamp is a type of incandescent lamp that uses a halogen gas in order to increase light output. They are known for moderately high efficient in quality of light, and high rated life compared to regular incandescent lamps.
  3. CFL bulbs: CFL stand for Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). CFL is better than Normal Incandescent bulbs and halogen light bulbs in terms of lighting and energy usage.
  4. LED bulbs: LED bulbs are even way better than all three mentioned above in terms of light quality, features, Money saving, energy consumption, etc.

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Energy consumption issue: The second big problem that comes with the incandescent light is more energy consumption. No doubt Regular bulbs are cheap in price but they will cost you more in the long term. Also, using regular incandescent bulbs increases the monthly bill.

Regular filament filled incandescent bulbs consume approx 80% energy in heat and use only 20% of energy for lighting. Led Bulbs do the opposite. They are more cost-friendly. Led bulbs used the 80% energy for lighting and waste only 20% of power in heat generation. This is a strong reason to shift from regular bulbs to LED bulbs. LEDs are more economical and electricity saver.

2. How incandescent bulbs are costing you more

Unlike LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs are increasing your monetary expenditure every month. They work well only in the initial stage. After some months the following major problems with regular bulbs start to appear.

  1. More electricity usage: As described above, Regular bulbs use only 20% of electricity for lighting and waste the rest 80% in heat. This increases the electricity usage. Your meter runs faster due to this wastage. At the end of the period, the only thing you get is a big amount to deposit due to more electricity consumption with your regular bulbs.
  2. Heat generation in the room: Regular bulbs generate more heat while working. In a small amount of time, your room temperature increases and you have to adjust your AC temperature to maintain a suitable environment. This also increases your monthly electricity cost because your Air conditioner has to work more now.
  3. Low lighting harmful to eyes: The lighting quality of incandescent bulbs fades after some months. This can be harmful to your eyes. Low lighting can cause pain in your eyes, also can give you some vision problems.
  4. Warranty period: The warranty period of regular light bulbs is less than LED bulbs. With LED bulbs you get at least a minimum of 1-2 years of defect warranty if something happens. They will simply replace your LED bulb if something went wrong. But regular bulbs do not have such benefits. They do not come with a long warranty period. Once malfunctioned, your money goes in vain. Led bulbs also have a high rated life of 15-25 years.

3. Regular bulbs VS. LED Bulbs

  1. LED bulbs are more cost-effective than normal incandescent bulbs. Led bulbs are a bit costlier at first but they provide long term monetary benefits.
  2. The energy (watt) consumption in normal bulbs is high. They use more electricity. LED bulbs use 80% less energy than normal Bulbs.
  3. LED bulbs provide more bright lighting when compared to normal household bulbs. You can’t find the LED light quality in other typical bulbs available in the market.
  4. LED light bulbs come in different shapes and shades, where normal bulbs come as they are still in Thomas Edison’s time.
  5. LED bulbs emit broader light whereas incandescent bulbs have less broad light efficiency.
  6. LED bulbs come in many colors rather than just white and Yellow.
  7. LED Bulbs are very tough and durable in nature. They provide long term durability, but Normal bulbs are made of Glass, hence breaks easily.
  8. LED bulbs do not contain any harmful chemicals like Mercury. But Normal bulbs carry mercury and filament in them.
  9. LED Bulbs have almost no UV Ray’s emissions. Normal bulbs emit harmful UV rays.
  10. LEDs are perfect to use in very extreme conditions. Other lights, like incandescent or fluorescent, can be affected by cold and heat easily.
  11. Led bulbs start working immediately as soon as switch on, whereas normal bulbs take time to get the full brightness.


4. Places where standard bulbs can be replaced with LEDs

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You can use LED bulbs at every place where you want. It can be your bedroom, your storeroom, playground, bathroom or kitchen or your office. LED bulb promises you to provide better light than CFL or fluorescent bulbs. Not just light LED bulbs to have numerous environmental benefits. Using Led bulbs means saving the environment.

According to the US Department of energy, the rapid adoption of LED bulbs would save hundreds of millions of tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

5. Major Benefits of LED bulbs

  1. Long term durability: LED bulbs provide long term durability due to its making contents. Led Bulbs are made of transparent hard material (Plastic) that can’t be easily broken. Even if led bulbs slips from your hand it will not cost you anything. The bulb will still be usable.
  2. Enormous energy efficiency: When it comes to energy efficiency no other kind of bulbs stands in front of LED Bulbs. Led bulbs are more energy efficient than normal incandescent and CFL bulbs. They save more electricity that indirectly benefits your pocket.
  3. Less toxic elements emissions: Incandescent bulbs are full of harmful toxins such as mercury and filament. When they burst they pollute the environment as well as can give serious health issues to a person. With LED bulbs, there is no issue of Toxic compounds. You need not worry about mercury and other harmful chemicals.
  4. No UV emissions: Most of the normal bulbs emit ultraviolet rays. These rays damage the ozone layer. LED Bulbs do not emit Ultraviolet rays while damaging or recycling. UV rays are harmful to the earth. The ozone layer is being harmed by the excessive use of Normal bulbs due to their UV emission issue.
  5. Top-quality designs: LED bulbs are not just round. They come in various shapes and sizes. Now bulbs need not be round to give proper lighting. Led bulbs come in different beautiful designs and sizes that can be used according to one’s needs.
  6. Efficient in extreme conditions: Led bulbs can work in extreme conditions e.g. bone-chilling cold and excessive heat. If the same condition occurs with normal bulbs they will suddenly get burned out or burst depends on condition.
  7. Works on even low Voltage: New generation Led bulbs can emit a great amount of light even in the low amount of voltage. LED’s is designed to work very efficiently on low electricity. It bright the room continuously without blinking in low voltage.
  8. Dim light facility: Led bulbs technology comes with the dim light facility. As said above, led bulbs are very bright so sometimes when a person wants dim lighting in his room he can do it easily by switching a button on. You can’t do this with normal incandescent or CFL bulbs.
  9. Instant Action: LEDs works instantly. You just switch the mains on and it will work with full efficiency. Normal incandescent bulbs do the opposite. They work with full efficiency after generating a big amount of heat. This process can take up to 5 minutes and that’s too much time.

6. How to know if you need LED bulb replacement

If you are facing the above issues such as more bills, severe headache due to low lights, excessive dim lighting, suddenly burned out, etc with your normal bulbs you should consider switching yourself to LED bulbs. Even if you don’t know anything about the led bulbs still you should consider purchasing Led bulbs at first place for the lighting of your house.

You can use led bulbs in your room to get brighter light so that your eyes do not strain too much. You can use the dim lighting feature when you need a good sleep. You can use Led bulbs to increase the beauty and color combination of your room. You can use Led for direct light focus at someplace instead of scattering.  Not just this, by doing LED bulb replacement you are going to save your hard-earned money as well as the environment.

7. Things to consider before replacement

  • You can just go to the market and get Led bulbs.
  • Led bulbs will fit in your current holder.
  • There’s no need to change the bulb holder or anything.
  • Everything will be work the same as working in the past.
  • The only thing that will change is your bulbs.
  • You can consider choosing the right design of the bulb according to room requirements. This will increase the beauty of your house along with brightness and hue. Choosing a color combination will also be a great idea.

8. Conclusion

Are you convinced now for LED bulb replacement? You should be. We are a reliable LED lighting company in Singapore, believes that you must feel encouraged to change your normal bulbs with led bulbs after reading this detailed article. Changing the normal bulbs with LEDs is only going to cost you a bit more in starting but it will give you benefits in the long run. Also, when the whole world is trying to change their habits to reduce the harmful impact on our planet. Why not change just a Bulb? By his small and smart effort, you are going to contribute to the betterment of the environment and as well as your present and future.

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