How do you Recharge Aircon?

Yes – Air conditioner is the most useful and important thing at your home that constantly used in the summer seasons. According to the aircon installation Singapore Company, if the AC is not working efficiently or not cooling properly, then you ought to find the issues and fix it immediately.

Aircon servicing/maintenance is the foremost thing that you have to consider as it allows your AC to works efficiently and even saves aircon repair costs. People often face the issues of cooling with their air conditioners. You might notice that your AC suddenly stops cooling, or the cooling reduces significantly.

The aircon servicing Singapore Company reveals that this is just because of coolant, mostly Freon becomes perished, and your AC needs to be recharged immediately.

Can You Recharge Your AC Easily?

Yes, you can easily recharge AC, but if you have a complete idea about the mechanism of air conditioners. As aircon Installation Company in Singapore always prefers to recharge your AC yourself as it is a great way to save the cost of aircon repair. No doubt, a recharging mechanism is different from aircon servicing – so, if you don’t have an idea about the working of AC, then don’t attempt, you just have to hire an expert on aircon servicing Singapore company.

Keep in mind; Freon is toxic; that’s the reason why you have to stick on several safety routines to manage it. No doubt, recharging an air conditioner is the job of professionals that have a license to do so. If you are confident to do so, then head to recharge an AC.

According to the experts of aircon servicing Singapore company, you ought to get Freon kits that are easily available in the market, stick on the instructions that are given with kit, and you have to follow them very seriously.

How To Recharge Air Conditioner:

Well, give a read to know an ultimate guide on how to add Freon to the AC unit:

  • First, you have to switch off all the mains and detach the AC from the wall/window. You must ensure that the air conditioner isn’t directly in contact with the ground
  • There is a need to check if there is any leakage. Right after, you ought to stick in the owner’s manual guide to completely understand how to open the unit and follow every step carefully. The aircon servicing Singapore Company states that if there is any leakage you find, then you ought to fix them before move on further. If there are no leaks and everything right, then you have to head to the next step in which you come to know about the adding process of Feron or the recommended coolant
  • Right after, you have to go through all the tools that you can find in the Freon kit, and there is a need to utilize the right tool to find the compressor. You can find there two lines – you ought to get the service valve and attach it one line by following the manual carefully. And, you have to attach the other line to the tap valve
  • Once done, you have to attach these both attached valves to the Freon’s container. It’s not enough – be very careful while doing so. You have to concentrate on a detailed diagram that you will get with the kit; it will you in doing so
  • Right after, make sure that everything is attached tightly, then simultaneously, you have to switch the air conditioner on at its highest power
  • With this, your air conditioner unit will start getting recharged. Then, consider the manual through which you come to know how much Freon needs to be taken in. Once the unit reaches that value, then immediately switch it off and unplug it
  • Then remove both valves
  • Congrats – you have done!

If you are not having any idea about any of the above steps and you are a little worried about how do you recharge aircon, and then you ought to reach out aircon installation Singapore Company – Good Luck!

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