How Do You Maintain A Window Type Aircon?

No doubt, AC does come in different sizes and types, but they all are composed almost the same components. As aircon installation company in Singapore recommend that you have to maintain the AC properly for efficient functioning. Aircon servicing/maintenance will increase the efficiency of AC and even also prolong the life of the parts and its unit. In order to aircon servicing/maintenance, you should have a complete idea about the components of window AC. According to the company of aircon installation Singapore, you ought to stick on the given steps maintain your windows AC.

How Do You Maintain A Window Type Aircon?

The company of aircon installation Singapore recommended these steps is proven best for aircon servicing/maintenance:

What You Have To Do:

  • First, you have to unplug the AC and disconnect the power from the unit


  • Then, there is a need to remove the filter and bezel or cover of the AC unit (if needed). Right after you have to expose the cooling coils. The aircon installation Singapore Company reveals that there are some models of window type AC on which you have to remove the front cover or bezel to access the coil fully. Typically, this cover is secured with screws; you can find them when the filter is removed


  • According to aircon servicing Singapore Company, you have to spray the front coil of the AC using a cleaning agent. You can find different cleaning agents nearby hardware stores.  These cleaners are highly effective in removing odours from deposits of dirt, mildew, mold, cigar & cigarette smoke, etc. from the coils of AC. Make sure that the coils are covered with the cleaner; prevent the cleaner from spraying electrical wires, controls or other components. You have to bring foaming types of cleaners as it works best


  • Right after, you have to clean the filter using plain water or replace if the filter is missing. A clean filter is a must while doing aircon servicing/maintenance. As aircon Installation Company in Singapore, you ought to clean the filter regularly as it allows the AC unit to work properly. And, if the filter has an odd smell, then you have to soak and wash it with scented dish soap or laundry detergent


  • Then, you ought to replace the cover and filter of AC and restore power after right about 15 to 20 minutes


  • Well, now you have to adjust the thermostat to the coldest setting and set the unit to cool. When passing over the cold coils, the warm, humid air in will condense. The experts of aircon servicing Singapore Company reveal that the condensate will rinse the foam from the coils and dirt, and collect in the drip pan. Keep in mind that the drip pan will drain outside, but it only happens if the AC is installed properly


  • You have to repeat the same process if needed – if the AC has been neglected, then you ought to make a second attempt to produce cold air and be free of odours. There is no need to re-apply the coils until they are free from foam. If your AC generates cool air but fails to make condensate, then it’s happening because of low humidity. Remember that in low humidity conditions, it will take time to rinse the coils. And, if the AC unit fails to generate cool air, then means it lost the refrigerant charge, or the compressor of AC failed


  • Right after, you have to shut the unit off and immediately disconnect the power


  • Then, there is a need to inspect the outdoor coils


  • Now, you ought to clean the outdoor coils (if needed) – spray the cleaner as mentioned earlier and let the foam work maximum for 10 to 15 minutes


  • Then, you have to rinse foaming cleanser away using a garden hose


  • Right now, reconnect the power and make a test – set it to cooling and you have to adjust the thermostat to a low temperature. If not work properly yet, then there is a need to hire the company of aircon installation Singapore


Well, stick on these steps to maintain your windows AC! If you ever need to service your window aircon unit, you can always rely on MCL, which is most reliable aircon servicing company in Singapore. Booking of service can be done 24 hours every day.