Everything about Arborists and Why You Need Them

Trees provide shade, produce oxygen and offer food. Trees are very pleasing to look at as they keep the streets look beautiful, cool and prevent soil erosion. People love having trees around them. Just like a human being, trees also need proper care to stay healthy. The professional who does this job is called an “arborist”. An arborist is a tree surgeon, a professional who practices the arboriculture. Arboriculture deals with the cultivation of trees, the management of trees, and pruning of trees. In general, arborists do almost everything related to plants and trees.

1. What Does an Arborist Do?

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Arborists are specialized in taking care of individual trees. They are knowledgeable about the needs of trees as well as trained and equipped to provide proper care. Hiring an arborist is a decision that should not be taken in a hurry. Proper tree care is an investment that leads to substantial returns in the future. Poorly maintained trees may result in significant loss and liability.

Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. So, tree work should be done only by trained and equipped professionals. Well-cared trees are attractive and add considerable value to your property.

  1. Cultivation of Tree: Arborist check the soil and recommend the kind of tree that should be planted on the land. So that it grows up fully and healthy. If you plant a wrong tree on the wrong location it will lead to future problems with the result of limited growing space, insects, diseases, and unbalanced trees.
  2. Maintenance and take care: Plant needs health care and preventive maintenance to keep themselves in good condition. An arborist makes sure to reduce certain insect and disease problems. A plant does not grow fully if it is not taken care of very well. Also, it may develop a very bushy and unwanted way. All these things are taken care of by tree specialists called arborist.
  3. Removal of the tree: Due to construction work or making more space outside a house you need to hire arborists to cut the tree. Many times people try to remove the tree on their own and met with accidents such as the sudden downfall of the tree, wrong direction downfall, physical damages due to sharp tools, etc. Hiring an arborist is a good practice to do this job. Trees are heavy in weight and for saving some bucks you should not risk your property and yourself.
  4. Pruning the tree: Sometimes a tree branch develop in such a way that it causes problems to other plants. At this time pruning is needed. Tree branches may weight in tons. So it may be risky to do this on your own. Arborist makes this job easy for you. It will be a wise idea to hire a professional who knows how to do the pruning task effectively without doing enough damage to your property.
  5. Emergency tree care:  Sometimes heavy winds can damage the tree, planted outside your house or workspace. It may block the road and can cause discomfort to people. Arborists do the task of cutting and shifting those trees. They provide emergency services related to trees. The sudden downfall of the tree on some part of your home can cause heavy destruction. If the situation not handled with care and professionalism your expenses may go up.
  6. Soil modification: Plants need good care to grow up in a healthy way. Due to environmental conditions, sometimes plants start being dry and weak. This can happen due to a deficiency of minerals in the soil. Arborists are also skilled in checking the soil and recommending the medical treatment needed to restore the original capacity of the soil. Arborists do soil modification to make it more beneficial for the healthy growth of the tree.
  7. Tree inspections: As arborist is specialized in trees matters, so they also do tree inspection when you need it. They do proper inspection and checkup of weak plants and recommends whether it is safe to be near with a weak tree or not. They also inspect the soil, environment, plant type, mineral needed for plants, pest, and insects attack on plant, etc.

2. Why You Need an Arborist for Tree Care

We can’t do everything on our own because many tasks demand professionalism. It may cause problems and difficulties in the future. Only a doctor can cure a patient, so as with trees. Trees also need specialists for their care. A common person does not know what a tree needs on a certain point. Trees are really important to our everyday lives and they need proper maintenance to stay healthy and vibrant. Here are some of the reasons you should hire an arborist for your tree care needs:

  1. Arborists are trained to handle trees: Arborists are trained professionals for proper tree care, tree planting, and tree maintenance. You may not know every secret to handle the tree in different situations but they know very well. From pruning of trees to removal, diagnosing, ailments and insect treatments, they are trained and skilled for everything.
  2. They have the proper tools: Not just an Axe and rope is needed to cut or prune a tree, There’s a lot of tools which is used for a different purpose. No matter what kind of job is given to arborists. They will have access to all the proper tools and equipment to get the job done right and done safely.
  3. Arborists can work on trees safely: Certified arborists study about trees and practice as a college student does. The only different here is they do it practically. Only they can perform the work with trees in the safest method.  Certified arborists practice:
    • Fell trees, clear land, and preparation of the soil, plants, stakes, installation, and maintenance for the establishment of new trees
    • They practice climbing trees with ropes and harness both with and without the use of climbing gaffs
    • They perform routine maintenance and repairs on tools and equipment and maintain shop
    • Tree specialists perform rigging for the removal of limbs and heavy wood utilizing slings, ropes, blocks, knots, lowering devices and other hardware
    • They cut, stack, haul, load, chip and transport brush, logs, stumps and other debris utilizing chipper, front end loader, trucks, trailers, and other tools and equipment.
  4. They can reduce your damage: Low-density stormsTropical storms, heavy winds leave destruction behind. The major damages are done to trees. A downfall of the tree on your house can cause huge harm to your property. An arborist inspects the tree periodically and suggests if some safety measures are needed to be taken. In this way, they can reduce future damage to your property.
  5. Keep Your Trees Perfectly Shape: Growing up the tree in a beautiful shape is an art that needs skill. Arborists have the experience of working with different species of trees in different ways. This allows them to predict the growth pattern and shape of the plant. If you want to grow a tree for commercial purposes in your workspace. Always call an Arborists because he knows how to do this job perfectly.
  6. Prevent Lawsuits Against You: Doing manual trimming or pruning of trees may accidentally end up damaging your neighbor’s house can lead to an expensive lawsuit. Hiring an arborist can prevent this lawsuit against you.
  7. Save Money in The Long Run: Growing and maintaining trees is a delicate art that takes years to craft.  Even slight mistakes, such as planting trees in the wrong spot can cost lots of money to rectify. Hiring arborist is the best idea to avoid losing money.

3. Role of Arborists in Tree management and development

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#Importance in commercial Sector

  1. Cultivation for commercial purposes: Arborists plays an important role in tree management and development. They do the cultivation of trees in a scientific manner. They don’t just plant the trees here and there. While planting trees for commercial purposes such as in a sellable property, Parks, and workplace, they consider each and everything important. People who need to cultivate trees for commercial purposes always hire arborists.
  2. Tree management in urban cities: While making new colonies and developing new cities, tree management is an important aspect to remember. With the increasing population in urban cities, tree management is necessary for the city’s health. An Arborist does this job very perfectly by following scientific norms and methods of tree plantation and care.
  3. Add Value to Your Property: In a tight real estate market, the state of your landscaping can make all the difference. It takes years to perfect a great landscape around a property. All that hard work is a substantial investment as far as your property value is concerned. Arborist services also benefit your business by making you stand out and look attractive to customers.
  4.  Environment-friendly construction: Arborist makes sure the environment-friendly construction. Where a tree takes the time of 5-10 years to grow up it takes only 1-2 hours to cut them. Arborists with their skills reduce the cutting of entire trees in new construction sites.

#Importance in the household sector

  1. Stop Trees from Falling: Nobody can predict if a tree is healthy or not. The tree may look healthy from outside but weak from inside due to soil quality and incest attack. Every year thousands of people encounter accidents with falling trees. Only a tree specialist can examine the tree and stop its sudden fall with his efforts.
  2. Pest Attacks: Aside from detecting tree infections. Arborists are professional at preventing pest attacks. Ants, termites and other destructive pests usually use trees as a shelter before invading your property. Arborists are trained to detect and stop pests before they cause costly damage to your home.
  3. Prevent Injuries and Accidents: Hiring an arborist can be a lifesaving decision if there are risks involved in trimming and cutting trees. Climbing a tree can be dangerous if a branch breaks off or you slip and fall. It would be better if a professional do this for you. Arborists are trained to avoid such risks.
  4. Other Services: The role of arborists in household sectors is large. They take plant health care or preventive maintenance to keep trees in good health. They also examine trees to reducing any insect, disease, or site problem. Fertilization and soil modification are also performed by them. They also install lightning protection systems applications to protect trees from lighting.

4. Selecting the Right Arborist for Your Job

There is some key point that you should consider before hiring an Arborist.

  • Check for arborist certification
  • Ask for proof of insurance. A reputable and professional arborist carries personal and property damage insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance
  • Always check for necessary permits and licenses of arborists. Some governmental agencies require contractors to apply for permits and/or to apply for a license before they are able to work
  • If possible ask for references to find out where the company has done work similar to what you are requesting
  • Most reputable arborists have their clients sign a contract. Be sure to read the contract carefully. Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as
    1. When will the work be started and completed?
    2. Who will be responsible for clean-up?
    3.  Is this the total price?
    4. What are the terms of payment?
    5. If I would like more to be done
    6. what is your hourly rate?

5. Conclusion

Trees add value to your property and the health of your community. Beautiful, healthy trees are an investment with substantial returns in the future. Adversely, poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability. Tree work performed incorrectly not only poses a risk to the tree itself but also endangers the person living around the tree. Tree work should only be performed by trained and equipped professionals. Hiring an ISA Certified Arborist of Singapore is the best idea to provide the care and maintenance necessary to your tree’s health and beauty.

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