Does your Air Conditioner Need Chemical Cleaning?

Air conditioners have honestly become necessities in the modern housing system. This is true, especially if you are living in tropical countries. As the main cost of air-con is its price, many people tend to ignore the maintenance of these machines.

Fun fact: Air cons lose 5% of their efficiency annually.

This loss in efficiency means that your air-con will not decrease the air temperature in your room and you will still have to pay a lot of money because of the electricity bills.

The key to avoiding all this is to pay attention to the long-term maintenance of the air con, along with getting it checked for special cleaning. Many people tend to use their air-cons all year long. In this case, the hassle of maintenance increases. To get the best performance, you should not only service your aircon regularly but also take it for a specialized chemical cleaning.

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What is chemical cleaning?

Although chemical cleaning sounds like a complex laboratory process, it is just a simple cleaning of the air conditioners parts. The technician takes apart your air conditioner, takes a look at the small parts, and recommends if they need to be chemically cleaned or not. The main benefit of getting your air-con chemically cleaned by a professional is that its efficiency will increase. You will be able to feel the air becoming cooler, and you will get the best performance from your air conditioner.

How often should you go for chemical cleaning? As chemical cleaning may be costly, you have to know how frequently you should get your air conditioner cleaned chemically. This depends on a number of different factors.  To make the decision easy for you, we have compiled some pointers that should signify when your air conditioner is asking for a chemical cleaning.

Rapid increase in your electricity bill

If your electricity bill is constantly rising, this is a clear sign that your air conditioner may need chemical cleaning. Many problems like clogged pipes increase in the energy consumption of your air-con, leading to higher electricity bills and most of the time, chemical cleaning solves all your problems.

Water leakage

You may think that the water leaking from your air conditioner is no big deal. But in reality, it shows that you need to clean your air conditioner immediately. A well-maintained air conditioner does not show water leakage.

Leakage of water is mostly caused by dirt or small insects getting into the water pipe and disrupting the normal working of the air con. If you see water leakages regularly, it is time to call a cleaning professional.

Frequent allergies

Unexplained allergies mean there is a problem with the air quality in the house. These allergies are mostly caused by the dirt and germs getting into your system through breathing. If the fan of your air conditioner is broken, you are going to have to get it chemically cleaned. A clean fan produces cleaner air. Therefore, you will see a simple chemical cleaning of the air con solve a major problem for you.

Bad odor from your air conditioner

If you smell a reek from your air conditioner, it could be a sign that there are tiny dead insects in the ducts and pipes of your air-con. This does not mean that it is time to buy a new, expensive air conditioning unit. You need to get it cleaned chemically!

This bad odor is caused when your air conditioner is not maintained properly. A simple cleaning may not help here as the odor has been infecting the air con for a long time. However, a chemical cleaning will leave your air conditioner feeling like new.

Switching off automatically

Your air conditioner may be turning off and on automatically, don’t worry. It’s not a ghost! This simple malfunction is because of a badly cleaned air con. This is one of the clearest signs that professionals look for when recommending a chemical cleaning.

Although this problem sounds like a technical issue which will be expensive to resolve, you do not need to worry: a simple chemical cleaning will do the job.

Noisy and Conditioner

A normal and clean air conditioner makes a soft, slow humming sound. If your air conditioner is faulty and has not been adequately maintained, it will produce a louder sound. This is mostly caused by the dirt moving around in the fan and windpipe. This noise can be annoying and may not let you sleep peacefully.

To make sure that you get sound sleep, clean your air-con. This will unclog the pipes and lead to normal airflow within the air con’s system, not only improving its performance but also making it silent and peaceful.


If you want your air conditioner to work for many decades, you should get it chemically cleaned whenever you see any of the above signs.

If you are unsure whether you should pay for chemical cleaning, remember that you are saving money in terms of the electricity bill. You will have a noiseless air conditioning system, and you will be able to keep your children safe from allergies, and enjoy the better performance of the air conditioner. There is no doubt that a professional chemical cleaning is good for your aircon.

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